Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lawyer Salar Atrizadeh Esq is a dangerous scam artist and dishonest attorney

Attorney Salar Atrizadeh is a Los Angeles lawyer, currently located on Wilshire Boulevard.
Salar Atrizadeh has victimized over 19 clients , who have made the grave mistake of retaining him for their cases, and he has literally ruined and destroyed the lives of 32 innocent people who he has worked against.
The things he has done to intentionally destroy these lives has gone far, far beyond his capacity as an attorney and, rather, has been on a personal level.
Salar Atrizadeh is one of the most immoral, unethical, unprofessional, vindictive people on any level.
One of the most prominent examples of Salar Atrizadeh's unehtical and immmoral and inhuman behaviors is the fact that he had flagrant sexual intercourse, as the sole form of payment, with one of his clients, a Black , very unstable and dishonest female by the name of Natasha Leann Thompson.
In the year 2011, Natasha Leann Thompson, an overweight, sloppy, filthy individual, who lives in Los Angeles , California approached Salar Atrizadeh, an attorney who will sell his services for any amount of profit(regardless of the damage it does to the innocent people he workes against), to take her useless "case" against an innocent person who had worked for her and her shoddy little telemarketing "business."
Thompson had formed this business after she had committed a large amount of fraud for another company: Telezone, that she herself used to work for.
At any rate, the innocent woman who worked for Thompson did a lot to help Thompson and her so-called "business."
But then Thompson owed her a lot of back-pay and decided that she did not want to pay the poor woman. So when Thompson met attorney Salar Atrizadeh, he told Thompson the best way to avoid oaying the woman would be to go to the police and fill out a false police report against the woman, have her arrested on false charges, have her thrown in jail, and then on top of all that, turn around and sue the poor woman(while the woman was locked away in jail and unable to defend herself in any way). That way, she, Thompson, and he, Salar Atrizadeh, would turn a tidy sum for themselves.
How very convenient....And destructive for that poor woman.
And that is exactly what Thompson and Atrizadeh did.
During the year 2011 through all of 2012, they both worked on a complete path of ruin against this woman, all for some money.
In 2012 Atrizadeh filed the federal case against the woman.
But what he did not realize is that this woman was far smarter and stronger than he, a low-down penny-anty, unskilled "attoeney" and a ghetto rat, Thompson, bargained for.
Eventually, after endless damages and lasting trauma, the woman proved her innocence and departed jail.
When she discovered the law-suit(no, Atrizadeh had not had her served with notice, as required by law, so she discovered it by other means), she , all on her own, filed a counter-suit against the both of them in federal court. It cost her far too much, financially and in so many other ways, but she was strong and persisted.
Eventually, after she presented numerous documents to the federal judge, the judge saw thru Atrizadeh's and Thompson's tricks and he dismisssed most of their frivolous charges against her.
That was when Atrizadeh tried to admit defeat---and TRIED to get the woman to back down. The woman refused.
So Atrizadeh tried to have the woman folloed, trailed to her residence, and killed. Yes. Salr Atrizadeh is just as unstable as his prostitute-client, Natasha Thompson.
Meanwhile, Thompson had also lied to Atrizadeh, and refused to pay him the money that they had "agreed" on,at the onset of the case.
What type of stupid attorney ---especially a greedy one like Atrizadeh---agrees to take a case and sign a contract on only the "promise" of payment?
Thompson refused to pay him(s she had planned all along NOT to pay him). So he filed in federal court, to get off the case.
However, in April 2012, when he was to appear for the dismissal hearing, he FAILED to appear in court. Why? Because he made an agreement with Thompson that Thompson would give him unlimited free felatio, in his car, in exchange for free legal representation.
Look up the case in Federal court.
There is a lot more to this case and situation.
But this is just one of the many stark and shocking examples of what a sick, sad, destructive---and DANGEROUS---attorney Salar Atrizadeh is